The Missing App for Skiers

Whenever you go skiing or have fun on snow – even if you are cross-country skiing, jumping, snowboarding or just walking – you might want to remember the moment… and share it with your friends.

While waiting in the ski-lift line, taking a lift or having a break, start the SkiDairy app on your iPhone, record the day in a few simple steps (enter a new day) and make a great looking SkiDiary Report. Then keep the Report forever and collect all your skiing days of the season. You can even enter the Report for the past days! 

When done, share your Report with your friends via email, Facebook or Twitter! Maybe tomorrow they will join you!

SkiDiary is the first app for skiing that lets you record your skiing experiences in the easy way. And it is FREE! In-app purchase option brings you 3 new Report themes and removes the ads. Get your copy in AppStore!